How to Become an Airline Pilot? Learn the Complete process.

To become an airline pilot, you must start with flight training. Learn about the different aviation programs offered by flight schools. Compare the options available. Choose the best flight training institute for your goals. First, check the eligibility requirements. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has specific rules and certain age and education criteria for becoming an airline pilot. Airline pilots undergo DGCA CPL training for 3-4 months. They study Air Regulations and aviation Meteorology, and Flying training is 200 hours by DGCA Rules.

Learn the complete details in this article, in which we guide you to becoming an airline pilot.

Search for Airline Pilot Training Schools.

To become an Airline pilot:

1. It is important to know the requirements to be eligible. 

2. Search for the best flight training school. It is important to check the quality of the instructors and the facilities available at the flight school.

3. Choose a school that fits your needs. Training will include both ground school and flight hours. A career as a pilot requires hard work.

Eligibility of Airline Pilot 

To become an airline pilot in India, candidates must be at least 17. He must have passed Class 12 with physics and mathematics. Additionally, he needs a Class 2 medical certificate. He needs to get the certificate from a DGCA-approved doctor.

Get an Admissions Flight Training School

The Top Crew Aviation Institute in India offers top-notch flight training. Aspiring pilots can apply online at The application process is simple and user-friendly. The candidate submits his inquiry on the website. Once he applies, the institute contacts him for further discussion. The team connects with him to discuss his future career goals. The institute aims to provide personalized guidance for every student. He can also visit to learn more about the institute’s programs. Apply now for an Airline pilot career and take the first step towards becoming a professional pilot.

How to Apply and Get a DGCA Class 2 Medical Certificate for Airline Pilot.

To apply for eGCA certification, candidates over 16 must visit the eGCA website. Then he needs to sign up with his details. He needs to save his login ID and password. Next, he needs to select a DGCA-approved doctor from the website’s list. He now needs to contact them for an appointment. Complete the necessary medical tests.

Perform tests at a diagnostic centre. Choose a NABL/NABH-approved center. Get the tests done. After the tests, Eye and ENT doctors fill out the CA35 form sections. Visit a DGCA-approved doctor. Some prefer conducting all tests. The candidate needs to consult the doctor beforehand to determine the preferred approach.

What are the Requirements for DGCA Class 2 Medical Tests For Airlines Pilots?

When applying for a Class II medical assessment, several tests are required. 

Blood tests include haemoglobin, TLC, DLC, lipid profile, liver function, and blood sugar F&PP. 

Radiology involves chest and sinus X-rays. An ECG checks the heart rhythm and potential blockages. An ENT examination assesses the condition of the ears, nose, and throat. An eye test evaluates colour vision and visual acuity. 

A urine test checks for normal sugar and protein levels. Female candidates may need additional tests like mammography and a lower abdominal ultrasound. Submit the candidate’s medical reports to the doctor for review and approval. 

The doctor then sends the candidate’s application and reports to the DGCA for processing. He waits for a few weeks to receive his Class II medical assessment. The candidates can access their assessments and certificates on the eGCA portal. Alternatively, he collects it from the DGCA Medical Cell in Delhi. You can also write an authorization letter for a family member to collect it. 

The candidate carries necessary documents like an Aadhaar card, mark sheets, and a passport-sized photo during his appointment. Candidates consult DGCA-approved doctors for accurate medical advice. He must use NABL/NABH-certified laboratories for reliable test results.

Note:- The Candidates Before joining a Flying training school in india, get a DGCA Class 2 medical certificate from a DGCA doctor. If found unfit, he must seek advice from DGCA doctors. Focus on your health. After receiving a fitness report, you can join. If you are not fit, consider other career options. 

What is the Class ll Medical Certificate Validity for Pilot License Holder?

A Class II medical certificate remains valid for 24 months from the date of application. 

Class I medical certificate validity: 12 months

Class II medical Certificate Validity for PPL holders

PPL Holders (Training Abroad)

  • The pilot must follow PPL guidelines on Class 2 medical certificate validity.
  • Renewal is required within two years or less.
  • Candidates can reapply for the initial Class 2 medical test using their existing certificate number.

Class 2 Medical Certificate Renewal Process 

When candidates apply for Renewal of a Class 2 medical certificate, they should apply 30 days before its expiration. The process involves completing several forms: the Basic Details and the Medical Declaration. Access the e-application, choose a medical centre, and review CA-35 and Medical Assessment for renewal.

Get ready for the pilot training exam (DGCA). To be successful, you must pass all six topics. 

Prepare for the DGCA exam, which is essential for pilot training. Success hinges on passing all six subjects. A candidate can join a flying training school after passing three subjects. However, we suggest you have complete knowledge of all subjects. A candidate must clear different DGCA subjects as required by the flying school. However, general regulation, meteorology, and radio are compulsory subjects in every flying school and country. It’s essential to study these subjects thoroughly. 

Top Aviation Institutes for Become a Pilot in India: 

Top Crew Aviation.

Airwing Aviation Academy. 

Edge Academy. 

Airwing Aviation Academy. 

Airport Aviation Academy, India.

Capt. P. Kumar, with 16 years of experience in aviation, founded Top Crew Aviation Institute. The institute guides aspiring pilots from Class 2 medical to the cockpit. 

Join the Flying Training School. 

After you complete your DGCA exam, you can join the Flying Training School. The DGCA requires a 200-hour flying training certificate. The candidates apply for the Student Pilot Certificate. The candidates, after completing their DGCA exam, join Flying Training School. The DGCA requires a 200-hour flying training certificate. The candidates apply for the Student Pilot Certificate. The flying training cost depends on the Flying training institute/school / Academy. The Candidates Have 30-40 Lac Need before Join Flying Training Institute, not including other expenses Like Room Rent, food, and Other Expenses.”

To become an Airline Pilot, you obtain different licenses depending on your experience.

Student Pilot License 

A Student Pilot License (SPL) allows individuals to learn how to fly aeroplanes. It is the first step in becoming a licensed Airline pilot. Candidates submit documents to the DGCA before joining a flying training school. They receive their SPL upon approval. The SPL Authorizes students to undergo aircraft training supervised by the DGCA.

Private Pilot License 

A private pilot’s license allows individuals to fly aircraft for non-commercial purposes. Pilots earn this license after logging 50 hours of flight time and passing exams in rules, weather, and navigation. 

Commercial Pilot License 

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course is 8–10 months. This includes 80 hours of educational sessions on the ground and 200 hours of flight training. Flying training consists of three phases: 1. ground training; 2. simulator training; and 3. flying training. Indian airlines provide promising opportunities. Once candidates obtain their licenses, airlines hire them. Pilots can apply for jobs at airlines and earn money. Read More Commercial Pilot.

Read more:- Pilot License Difference between SPL, PPL, and CPL in India

ATPL Pilot License 

The highest degree for airline piloting in India is the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). A pilot gets this license after accumulating 1500 flying hours. An ATPL Holder can command aircraft weighing over 5700 kg or with more than 9 passenger seats. 

CPL Holder Carrier Opation in India

Career opportunities in the Indian aviation industry are expanding. Airlines provide transportation services for passengers. After obtaining a CPL, candidates can apply to airline companies. Commercial airlines hire CPL holders to fly aircraft.

Pilots can join top national airlines like Air India, Jet Airways, IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir, AirAsia India, Vistara, and others. After completing CPL, students can pursue careers as co-pilots, chief pilots, commercial pilots, airline pilots, captains, commuter pilots, first officers, and experimental test pilots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I apply for the DGCA Class 2 Medical Test? 

Ans. To become a candidate, visit the eGCA website and sign up with your details. Save your login ID and password. Select a DGCA-approved doctor. Contact them to set up an appointment. Complete the necessary medical tests.

Question: What is the Class ll Medical Certificate Validity? 

Ans: A DGCA Class II medical certificate is valid for 24 months after the issue date.

Question: Who is the best aviation institute in India?

Ans:- India is home to numerous prestigious aviation institutes. But we suggest Top Crew Aviation, the best aviation institute in India.

Question: How much can an ATPL holder command an airplane that weighs over?

Ans: ATPL Holder can command aircraft weighing over 5700 kg or with more than 9 passenger seats. 

Question: Who is the founder of Top Crew Aviation?

Ans:- Capt. P. Kumar is the founder of Top Crew Aviation. 

Question: What is the validity of the class 1 medical certificate?

Ans: A Class I medical certificate has a validity of 12 months, according to the DGCA Rules.

Question: Who is the best airline pilot training institution?

Ans: The Top Crew Aviation’s Best Airline Pilot Training Institute in India.

Question:- What is the airline pilot training course Duration?

Ans: Airline pilots undergo DGCA CPL training for 3-4 months. They study Air Regulations and aviation Meteorology, and Flying training is 200 hours by DGCA Rules.

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