Careers with Indigo

  1. Always safe,
  2. Passionately consistent,
  3. Service from the heart,
  4. Humility with pride
  5. Power of We.
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Culture
  • Recognition
  • Travel with your loved ones.
  • 6E Fly High and 6E Family FLY Program
  • Learning is key.
  • Touching lives
  • Daycare
  • Beyond life
  • Employee Assistance

Career with Indigo: AOCS (Ground Staff)

Careers with Indigo: CarGo

  • E-commerce companies
  • Apparel manufacturers
  • Farmers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Courier companies
  • Mobile phone
  • OEMs
careers with indigo
  • Valuables,
  • Express shipments
  • Perishables
  • General cargo
  • Documents

Careers with Indigo: Engineering

Careers with Indigo: Pilots

Careers with Indigo: Cabin Crew

careers with indigo
  • In-flight cabin service (executive/economy)
  • Communication/soft skills
  • Grooming and personality development
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • First aid
  • Aviation Security
  • DGR
  • Crew resource management
  • Swimming
  • Interview Preparation
  • Time management
  • Group Discussion

Careers with Indigo: Administration

An aspirant who wants to build a career in the Indigo’s admin function must have a clear understanding of the following:

  • Infrastructure creation
  • Facility management,
  • Hotel management
  • Transport management,
  • Security and Housekeeping.

They coordinate with all the departments and different agencies for travel-related issues, cafeterias, expats, and vendor management.

Careers with Indigo: Commercial

If you are looking to build a career in the commercial vertical of Indigo, then you will be responsible for the below-mentioned KRAs. You will be involved in: 

  • Network planning,
  • Pricing and revenue management,
  • Sales, distribution
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Customer services, etc.
  • Key responsibilities will include meeting revenue targets
  • Increasing market share with healthy net profits.
  • Its primary function is to coordinate with different verticals to achieve the desired results.

Careers with Indigo: Corporate Affairs

The team at corporate affairs coordinates with regulatory agencies, ensuring necessary compliance by all the stakeholders. The team members interact with the internal functions of the company. They ensure adherence to all regulatory norms by all the stakeholders. They build liaisons with government agencies and industry consortiums and promote a healthy regulatory environment.

Careers with Indigo: Finance and Accounts

At Indigo, the finance team is responsible for:

  • Financial reporting,
  • Managing investor relations
  • Secretarial filings.
  • Ensuring timely payment to staff, employees, and vendors
  • Cost management,
  • Project evaluation,
  • Management reporting
  • Budgeting and planning.
  • Banking relations,
  • Tax planning
  • Procurement

Careers with Indigo: Flight Safety

  • Building awareness programs on safety requirements
  • The team overviews the accident program at IndiGo.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of safety management systems.
  • Conduct safety audits and ensure reporting of the same.

  • Create and implement the people’s agenda.
  • Build best-in-class processes and policies for the people.
  • Ensure effective manpower planning and recruitment.
  • Implement employee engagement and retention.
  • Building effective talent management programs.
  • Act as the cultural and conscience keeper of the organization.
  • Ensure all labor-related compliance.
  • Identify training gaps.
  • Provide solutions and learning opportunities.
  • Enhance the skills and experience of different teams with varied behavioral and technical competencies.
  • To enhance leadership skills, build a team of leaders at IndiGo.

Careers in Information Technology

The IT personnel at Indigo build a career by coming up with the innovative business solutions to provide a cutting edge advantage in a competitive environment. He meets the following KRAs:

  • The department needs to provide solutions on scale, building productivity and efficiency.
  • To manage the infrastructure support and ensure seamless connectivity across the airport’s network
  • They ensure company infrastructure connectivity with airport technology.
  • They enable and ensure critical business-support applications for hassle-free computing.
  • It focuses on providing automated delivery services to improve efficiency of all departments.

If the candidate is looking to build a career in the legal department of Indigo, he needs to be well versed in:

  • Providing legal and regulatory support to all verticals
  • He should be able to review and make drafts of employment contracts.
  • He should be able to make various commercial agreements and documents.
  • He will need to manage all relevant permits and licenses.
  • Managing all litigation work and giving advice to the organization as a legal consultant.
  • All his responsibilities and activities need to be time-bound and business-focused.

Careers in OCC and Dispatch

The OCC and dispatch department have the following functions:

  • It implements the planned flight operation on time.
  • The department maintains all the flight documentation, plans for crew selection on different flights (aka crew rostering), and plans for all the needed logistics requirements (transport and stay during duty).
  • He is responsible for activating any emergency response procedures, if needed, and managing them.
  • He is responsible for coordinating between various verticals for the smooth functioning of operations.

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