How Can We Become a Pilot in India

Becoming a pilot is a dream career for many in India. Whether you’re fascinated by the skies or attracted by the prestige and pilot salary, the journey to becoming a pilot is both challenging and rewarding. This blog will guide you on how to become a pilot, the necessary qualifications, the various pilot courses, and the costs involved.

Educational Qualifications and Requirements

The first step in understanding how to become a pilot in India is to meet the educational qualifications to become a pilot. In general, you must have finished your 10+2 coursework in English, Maths, and Physics.

After 10th and 12th Grades
  • How to become a pilot after the 10th: If you are becoming a pilot, the first thing you must do is have a science background in 11th or 12th grade, then you start flying training and DGCA ground classes. You can only appear in DGCA CPL exams only after 12th grade. 
  • How to become a pilot after 12th: After completing your 12th grade, you can enroll in flight training and DGCA ground classes to start your pilot course.

Types of Pilot Licenses

To pursue a career as a pilot, you will need to acquire specific licenses:

  1. Student Pilot License (SPL): The first step, which allows you to begin your flight training.
  2. Private Pilot License (PPL): Allows you to fly private aircraft but not for commercial purposes.
  3. Commercial Pilot License (CPL): The most crucial step in becoming a professional pilot.

Steps to Become a Commercial Pilot

  1. Clear DGCA Class II Medical Test: A Class 2 Medical from a DGCA-approved medical examiner is recommended to start your pilot training.
  2. Start DGCA Ground Training: This includes 5 DGCA subjects, including Air Navigation, Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Technical General and Technical Specific, and WPC’s RTR(A).
  3. Pass DGCA Exams: You need to pass the exams for CPL conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
  4. Clear DGCA Class 1 Medical: A Class 1 Medical from DGCA-approved centers is mandatory before starting your flight training.
  5. Join a Flight School: Enroll in a flight school to start your practical training. You can do it from India or Abroad. 
  6. Flight Training: 200 hours of flying training under supervision to gain practical experience.
  7. CPL Issue: Once you complete your flight training, you will have to submit all the documents to DGCA. DGCA will issue the Commercial Pilot License. 

Pilot Training Fees in India

Understanding how much it costs to become a pilot is important for planning. In India a pilot Training fees is generally low but it is starting from 60 to 65 lakh. This includes ground training, flight training, type rating, license fees, and other expenses.

Pilot Salary in India

A significant factor in pursuing a pilot career is the pilot salary in India. As a fresher (junior first officer), you can expect to earn around INR 2 to 2.5 lakhs per month, which can increase substantially with experience and seniority.

Key Steps to Become a Commercial Pilot in India

  • How to become a commercial pilot: Follow the comprehensive training and obtain the necessary licenses.
  • How to become a commercial pilot in India after 12th: Enroll in a flying school right after your 12th grade and proceed with the required training and licensing.
  • What to study to become a pilot after 12th: If you focus on subjects like physics, math, and English in class 12th after you can pursue an aviation course.


Embarking on the journey of how to become a pilot in India requires dedication, significant financial investment, and thorough training. By understanding the requirements to become a pilot and the various pilot courses in India, you can set a clear path toward achieving your aviation dreams. With the right qualifications and training, you can enjoy a rewarding career as a commercial pilot.

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