Air India Cadet Pilot Program Explained – Eligibility, Selection Process, Fees 2024

Hello TCA Family! We have some exciting news for all future aviators in 2024, Air India has launched the Air India Cadet Pilot Program – FlyHigh. We have already discussed the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program before and explained everything about it, today we will do so for the Air India Cadet Pilot Program.

It is an exciting time to get into Aviation, you might have already noticed every time you open your favorite news app you get so many news articles about the Development and Rise of the Aviation Sector in India. 

You want to become a pilot, so read our article further. We help people realize their dreams of becoming pilots because we have spent years doing this job. We think the Air India Cadet Pilot Program is a wonderful opportunity for everyone who wants to make the cockpit their office!

Table of Contents : 

  1.  Why You Should Consider Air India Cadet Pilot Program
  2.  Requirements before starting the Air India Cadet Pilot Program
  3.  Air India Cadet Pilot Program Explained
  4.  Salaries of Pilot in India (UPDATED!!)
  5.  Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
  6.   Links to Useful Websites

Why You Should Consider the Air India Cadet Pilot Program : 

The Cadet Pilot Program takes an individual with zero aviation knowledge but just a dream filled with passion and turns them into a competent and highly skilled Pilot. This program guarantees a job as an Airline Pilot from the first day you become a Cadet.

This is a huge advantage over the Conventional way of becoming a Pilot. You get access to the best flying training that is accessible along with direct supervision from the Airline to ensure that you have a worry-free and smooth training experience.

The flag carrier airline of India offers a world-class training program for its cadet program. You also get to be a First Officer in one of the most respected Airlines with a rich history that once upon a time sparked Indian Aviation thanks to its founder J.R.D Tata.

Air India Cadet Pilot Requirements : 

These are the basic requirements before joining the Air India Cadet Pilot Program

  1. You must be an Indian national or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI Card Holder). 
  1. You should hold a valid Indian Passport with an Unrestricted Right to Live and Work in India.
  1. The candidate is proficient both in written and verbal English. He needs to take an English Language Proficiency Test as English is the language of Aviation.
  1. You must possess a Class 2 Medical at the time of registering, and be able to attain and maintain a Class 1 Medical.
  1.  Minimum Height Requirement of 158 cm.
  1.  You should have scored at least 60% in your 10+2 from any recognized board in English, Mathematics, and Physics.
  1.  You should be 18 to 30 years of age when you join as a cadet in the Air India Cadet Pilot Program.

Do note that every Air India Cadet Pilot Programs application process requires a one-time processing Fee. A candidate accepted into the cadet program needs to pay for any additional tests that take place before his induction into the program.

A candidate must clear the interview for the Air India Cadet Pilot Program, or else he needs to go through a Cooling period. If you have any doubts on how to clear the Interview and Tests conducted you can always Contact Us!

Air India Cadet Pilot Program-Overview:

The Newest Cadet Pilot Program in India launched in 2024 which is a part of the facelift that Air India has received since the TATA acquisition back in 2021, Air India Cadet Pilot Program – FlyHIGH gives the future aviators of the Country a chance to work for the Flag Carrier of India.

 Air India’s partnership with leading flight schools ensures that cadets receive the best training that meets global standards. Air India has currently chosen L3-Harris and AeroGuard Flight Center as its FTOs.

What sets this program apart is that Air India is planning to set up their own Training Academy in Gurgaon that will provide Type Rating to Cadets who have acquired their CPL from the Cadet Pilot Program.

Air India Cadet Pilot Program although brand new has already begun its Selection Process for its First Batch so we already see a lot of demand since it has only been a few months since it launched!

Air India Cadet Pilot Selection Procedure :

First Phase, Technical Evaluation:

This part checks your problem-solving skills, math abilities, how well you handle pressure, coordination, and understanding of space. How you do here decides if you move on to the next step.

Second Phase, Non-Technical Evaluation:

Here, they look at how well you work with others, how you handle being part of a team, and how you do in interviews with groups of people. A panel from Air India monitors this phase.

Third Phase, Getting into the Program:

If you do well in all the evaluations, you’ll get a spot in the Air India Cadet Pilot programs, getting you closer to making your dream of flying a reality.

Cadet Pilot Training Breakdown :

Air India has not revealed the details of the Air India Cadet Pilot course publicly. What the company has disclosed is the details of the Flight Training Organizations (FTOs) chosen by it. Cadets get their Commercial Pilot License from FTOs who are third-party aviation training providers, appointed by Air India.

 AeroGuard Flight Training Center operates in Phoenix (AZ), Chandler (AZ), and Austin (TX). Air India cadets will train at their Phoenix location in the United States. 

L3Harris Group has training centers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Air India cadets will train in the United States, specifically in Sanford (FL).

Air India has chosen L3 Harris as one of the two FTOs. The institute is also a choice for the Indigo Cadet Pilot program, providing excellent training opportunities. So you know your training will be very wonderful learning opportunity to get a lot of insight and experience from the best trainers and instructors!

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Air India Cadet Pilot Course Fees :

Air India has not declared the fee of the Cadet Pilot Program publicly. But estimated to be USD 135000+ or 1.12 Cr+ Since the Program Fee is on par with other Cadet Pilot courses we believe that the Fee Breakdown will be similar to that of IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program L3-Harris.

                                  PhaseIncluded/Not Included
Ground ClassesIncluded
CPL TrainingIncluded
Conversion of CPL in IndiaIncluded
Type RatingIncluded
DGCA Exam FeesIncluded
USA FAA CPL Exam FeesIncluded
Flight Ticket Costs To and From India, USAIncluded

Airline Pilot Salaries in India :

Air India inducts the candidate as a First Officer after Completion of the Air India Cadet Pilot program. You can expect these salaries!

Salaries of Indian Pilots in 2024 are –

  1. Junior First Officer – Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,50,000
  2. First Officer – Rs 2,35,000 to Rs 2,75,000
  3. Senior First Officer – Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 4,50,000
  4. Captain – Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 6,50,000
  5. Senior Captain – Rs 6,50,000 to 8L+

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) :

Question: What is a Cadet Pilot Program?

Answer: A cadet pilot program is a specialized training program designed to train individuals with zero experience to become professional airline pilots.

Question: What are the basic requirements before starting an aviation career?

Answer: You should have obtained at least 51% aggregate in PCM in your 12th-grade exams, you must be at least 17 years old. Lastly, having passion and determination is crucial as pursuing an aviation career is both challenging and demanding.

Question: What are the kinds of tests I need to pass to get into the Air India Cadet Pilot Program?

Answer: Applicants interested in the Air India Cadet Pilot Programs need to pass tests that assess their Understanding Ability, Ability to Act Under Stress, cognitive abilities, and aptitude for flying. They need to appear for the tests online and even include in-person interviews.

Question: How do I prepare for Air India Pilot Programs before joining?

Answer: TCA provides training to aspirants for Air India Cadet Pilot Courses. TCA trains the candidates as required by each FTO. If you need more information, You can always Contact Us!

Question: Will Clearing the DGCA Exam before joining give me any advantage?

Answer: Yes! Clearing them prior will mean you will not have to wait in between your training to clear your exams. We recommend joining a reputed Ground Class  like TCA to help you with your DGCA Exams

Question: What are the Air India Cadet Pilot Course Fees?

Answer: In 2024 the minimum fee you can expect to pay is  Rs 1.1 Cr +, do note most FTOs will allow you to finance the Fees through loans.

Question: What is a Letter of Intent(LOI)?

Answer: Air India gives the Cadets a Letter of Intent (LOI) on completion of the Air India Cadet Program. The letter enables the cadet to join the airline upon successful completion of the program.

Question: What are the salaries of airline pilots in India after completing Air India Cadet Pilot?

Answer: Junior First Officers can e­arn a monthly salary ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 lakhs. Senior captains can potentially rece­ive up to Rs 8 lakhs in their monthly pay.

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