How to Become a Pilot After 10th

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  1.  What is the Process of Becoming a Pilot After 10th
  2.  How to Becoming a pilot after completing 10th Class
  3.  Education Qualification of Become a Pilot After 10th?
  4.  Different Types of Pilot Courses Available After 10th
  5.  What Percentage is Required in 10th for Pilot?
  6.  What are the Fees and Duration for Pilot Courses After the 10th?
  7.  How to Become a Pilot After 10th 
  8.  Advantages of Joining a Pilot Course After 10th 
  9. Career After Completing Pilot Course After 10th 
  10.  What to do after completing the pilot course?
  11. Top Institutes Offering Pilot Courses After 10th
  12.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Process of Becoming a Pilot After 10th

To get into the aviation school the student must clear his 10+2 from any recognized board/university, with Physics and Math. Now, the student studies the syllabus prescribed by the DGCA at the ground school. The candidates must be required to pass both their Medical Class 2 and 1 examinations. To obtain a pilot’s license, you must have this clearance. He then succeeds in passing the DGCA’s six-paper exam. He is in the right frame of mind to enroll in a flying school, having completed his theoretical education. Here, experienced instructors help him put his theoretical knowledge into practical flying.

The DGCA has mandated 200 hours of flying training, with norms on solo flying, dual flying, cross country, and nighttime take-offs and landings. After Clear DGCA EXAM Clearance of the theoretical paper exam and completing the prescribed norms with 200-hour flying, you will be eligible for a commercial pilot license. The DGCA the authorized government body for regulating civil aviation in India, issues him a commercial pilot license. The Candidates Following the procedure, students are qualified to apply for a pilot position with an airline company and be paid for it.

How to Become a Pilot After Completing 10th Class

As written earlier the candidate must fulfil the basic requirements set by the DGCA. These include completing 18 years of age, possessing a valid school leaving certificate, and a valid medical certificate. He should have cleared 10+2 in English, Math, and Physics. 

Once you meet these qualifications, you can begin your pilot training. This involves enrolling in a full-time course at an aviation school. During the course, you will learn essential flying skills, such as navigation, weather conditions, aircraft systems, and an aircraft. You will practice in a flight simulator and, eventually, complete a solo flight.

After finishing your training, you need to take an exam given by the DGCA. This exam has two parts: a theoretical section to test your knowledge and a practical section to assess your flying skills. If you pass both parts, you will be granted a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). With a CPL, you can fly commercial aircraft for remuneration.

Education Qualification of Become a Pilot After 10th?

The DGCA has prescribed the following educational norms to become a pilot in India:

1. Complete 10+2 from a recognized board/university

2. 50% minimum marks in Physics and Math

3. If the same subjects were not taken up in the senior secondary high school, then clearing it from NIOS is mandatory.

Finishing and clearing the theoretical and practical flying classes makes the candidate eligible for a commercial pilot license. This Commercial pilot license makes him eligible to fly a commercial airline aeroplane instead of remuneration. The commercial pilot license enables the pilot to fly as a Co-pilot, First officer, Senior First officer, and Captain.

Different Types of Pilot Courses Available After 10th

Once these eligibility criteria are met several ways open up for candidates willing to undertake pilot training – the initial step usually being SPL (Student Pilot License) course which serves as an entry-level certification introducing basics about flying along with some theoretical background paving the way towards advanced levels of learning.

Next one could go ahead & get a PPL (Private Pilot License) enabling him/her to fly aircraft though not commercially yet – Here under PPL he/she learns everything from basic theories to practical parts covering safe navigation part too.

For those interested in commercial aviation CPL (Commercial Pilot License) should be pursued next, This entails greater depth & involves longer duration compared to SPL or PPL apart from advanced theoretical knowledge requirement as well higher number of flying hours requirement here too along with other things. After completing the Flying Training, he can enter the Aviation industry by being eligible to fly commercial aeroplanes.

What Percentage is Required in 10th for Pilot?

To become a commercial pilot, you need at least 60% in 10th grade and 50% in 12th. the science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in 11th grade. For more details, join Top Crew Aviation Institute. Start your pilot career today!

What is the Fees and Duration for Pilot Courses After the 10th?

Learning to become a pilot involves significant time and money. Starting with basic aviation knowledge, a Private Pilot License (PPL) can be obtained in as little as six to eighteen months. This includes 40-60 hours of mandatory flying lessons.

To get a Commercial Pilot License (CPL), the training is more detailed and requires at least 200 flight hours. The whole process, including classes and exams, can take up to three years. The duration varies based on personal progress, weather, and the school’s schedule.

Pilot training is expensive. The total cost can be between INR 30 lakhs and INR 40 lakhs. This covers classroom lessons, flight training, exam fees, and other Charges. Good financial planning and looking into scholarships or loans are important steps before starting this career.

How to Become a Pilot After 12th 

you need After the 12th, you need to pass a DGCA-approved Class 2 medical test and the entrance exam of a 200-hour flying school. Then, complete the required pilot training and flying hours to obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Becoming a pilot usually takes 2-3 years. Additionally, this is true for the other nations discussed, Completing class 12th is mandatory everywhere.

If you are interested in experiencing world-class training and getting your Pilot Training done after the 12th Contact Us!

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Advantages of Joining a Pilot Course After 10th 

pilot course right after your 10th grade offers many benefits. It puts you on a fast track to a prestigious profession with breathtaking views from above. Starting early gives you time to master flying skills, understand aviation deeply, and gather the necessary flying hours for advanced certifications.

After completing your tenth-grade education in India, you can work anywhere in india as a pilot. This lets you experience different cultures and explore new places, Other benefits include a good salary, health benefits, travel discounts for family and friends, job security, flexible working hours, paid vacations, and the chance to meet new people. You also get to go wherever in the globe Journey at no cost.

Career Prospects After Completing Pilot Course After 10th 

With a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) tucked in your pocket, career possibilities soar higher than the clouds. The main employers are commercial airlines, where you can start as a first officer and become a captain over time. These positions are highly sought after all around the world. But the sky isn’t the limit only for commercial airlines, Options include freight transportation, charter flights, and business aviation.  Each avenue offers its own unique experiences and career paths.

Beyond just flying planes, CPL holders can explore roles like flight instruction. This allows them to give back to the aviation community by teaching aspiring pilots, which is incredibly valuable.

The demand for skilled pilots goes beyond traditional roles, including aerial surveying, agricultural aviation, and emergency medical services. This diversity makes every day in the field dynamic and different.

What to do After Completing the Pilot Course?

Connect the airline company.  

Networking is key to getting a pilot job. Join aviation groups, and industry events, and meet experienced pilots and recruiters. Making connections in the aviation world can help you find job opportunities. Frequently, who you know matters more than simply what you know.

Prepare A Standout Pilot Resume

Your pilot resume is like introducing yourself to bosses. Highlight your training, flying experience, and good moments. Keep it brief and easy to understand. Look for errors. Tailor it to the job you want, relevant skills, and qualifications. Make it a Different Career out from the crowd.

Get Additional Flight Hours And Experience

Starting as a pilot can be tough, but there are ways to rack up those crucial flight hours. You could teach others to fly, take on aerial survey missions, or work with charter flights. Volunteering or being a safety pilot also helps. The more you fly, the better your chances with future jobs.

Prepare to Proceed with Interviews and Assessments 

Preparing well for interviews and tests is super important for a pilot. Look up info about the airline or company you’re applying to and learn about what they do. Practice answering common questions and scenarios you might face. Be ready for technical stuff and simulator tests too. Being confident, knowing your stuff, and acting professionally will your chances of getting the job.

How Can help you TCA of Pilot Career after 10th?:-

At Top Crew Aviation, our skilled team is committed to realizing your career aspirations. We provide tailored guidance, help craft resumes, prep for interviews, and connect you with industry contacts. Elevate your job opportunities and soar to greater career heights with us.

Top Institutes Offering Pilot Courses After 10th 

  • National Flying Training Institute (NFTI)
  • Top Crew Aviation ( TCA )

Are you looking for the Best pilot training institute in India? Top Crew Aviation in Jaipur, Rajasthan, offers top-notch instruction. With experienced instructors and modern facilities, they prepare you for a soaring career in aviation. Join their esteemed ranks and take off toward your dream of becoming a skilled pilot. If you want More Details, visit my official website and submit your inquiry.

  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC)
  • Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd. ( …
  • Flytech Aviation Academy.
  • Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (RGAA)
  • Orient Flight School (OFS)
  • Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question: How to become a pilot in India after 10th grade? 

Answer: The minimum educational qualification required to become a pilot is 10th standard. In addition, applicants must pass the All India 12th Class  Examination, or After the 10th standard, aspiring pilots must pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation from an approved institute.

Question; What is the Process of Becoming a Pilot After the 10th

Answer: To become a pilot, an individual must be at least 18 years old and have finished at least 50 per cent of the 12th class with PCM and English compulsory. After 10th grade, you fields like aeronautical engineering. This helps you learn the skills needed for flying planes safely.

Question: How to start the pilot training after the 10th in India?

Answer: You can start your pilot training after the 10th in India by enrolling in an approved flying school and completing the necessary training and licensing requirements as set by the DGCA.

Question: What exams should I attempt to become a Pilot after 10th in India?
Answer:  After finishing the tenth class you Need 50% in the 12th grade with PCM. To become a pilot, you must take the DGCA exam with Class 2 & 1 Medical Examination and the Pilot Aptitude Test.

DGCA Medical Test Is Compulsory for Pilot Career intrested Students.

Question: What is the cost of becoming a Pilot after 10th in India?

Answer: The cost of becoming a Pilot after the 10th in India depends on the type of pilot training program you choose. 50–60 lakhs of rupees In india.

Question: How long time to become a pilot in India after the 10th?

Answer: In India, after completing grade 10, becoming a pilot typically takes 1-2 years. This includes the time taken to complete the pilot training program, DGCA exams, and the Class 1 Medical Examination.

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