Pilot Training Course and DGCA Exam Syllabus in India

Pilot Training Course Duration in India

6 Months DGCA Ground Classes, 8 Months Flying Training, 2 months Type Rating!

Students decide about their career while they are in 10th standard. A couple of well-liked options that have been around for decades are NEET and JEE.

You Can choose a different career After the 12th pass. Most people dream they want to fly in the sky. Let me I will guide you in your Dream aviation career. Choosing an aviation career has been the most prominent career that got a surge of aspirant pilots.

Unlike other career aspects, the Pilot training course doesn’t take up much time. Commercial pilot course duration in India may range between 15 months to 36 months depending on the aviation institute and may cost you between 55 – 60 Lakhs. Let’s explore more about the stages and CPL course duration in India.

Pilot Training Steps India 

There are different stages for the Pilot Training, after following the DGCA procedures the awards a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Before we understand the stages, let’s explore the eligibility criteria and checks that you need to perform to join the Best Pilot Training Institute in India.

Eligibility Criteria For Pilot Training Course

Age: The applicant must be 16 years of age or older to acquire a DGCA Class 2 Medical. To apply for his computer number, and begin flying, he must be 18 years old.

Education: The candidate must have cleared 10+2 in Physics, Math, and English. DGCA Instruction states that a minimum of 50% must be earned in certain subjects. A score of 60% or higher is strongly recommended to be considered for any airline position.

Medical & Fitness: The next important eligibility criteria are physical and mental well-being. We can’t just rely on any medical reports. DGCA has empaneled selected doctors from different cities all around India. You need to get your Class 2 Medical assessment done by a DGCA-approved doctor in an NABH/NABL accredited facility. In aviation, there are two medical certification levels available (note that there is another one for a light aircraft pilot’s license). Pilots flying for pleasure should obtain a Class 2 medical, whereas commercial pilots should have a Class 1 medical. The prerequisites are higher to pass the Class 1 Medical, as you can expect. You Can collect details from my DGCA Medical Exam article. 

Language Proficiency: The candidate should be able to read, write, and understand the English language fluently. He should have a good command of the language.

How Can Choose The Best Pilot Training Institute in India

Choosing the best pilot training academy in India is one of the best decisions you can make to kickstart your aviation journey. Before joining a pilot training academy, you need to ensure that you have researched well about their success stories. You can shortlist the best aviation academies based on the below checkpoints.

Choose the Best Instructors: While choosing the best pilot training academy, we need to ensure that we choose the best instructors.

Coast; Cost is the sum of money used during the creation or delivery of a good or service and is hence not available for purchase. An acquisition in the context of business can be viewed as a cost if the money spent on it is. 

Best-in-Class Infrastructure: Look for state-of-the-art infrastructure, classrooms, digital boards, simulators, and a blend of technology and innovation.

Career Support: When selecting an Aviation institute explain the complete Pilot steps and course duration and costs like Medical tests, document verification, computer numbers, flying school, Type rating Training, career support, and job placement are crucial considerations.  

Well-Researched Notes: The best pilot academy in India should offer well-researched notes, books, assessments, and other literature for complete preparation. We have over 15 years of well-researched and updated notes to clear all the exams in the first attempt.

Additional Benefits; After your subject class is completed share the recorded Lecture with the student, solve your problem regarding the topic, and provide a doubt session.

Additional Support: In addition to providing DGCA ground classes, a Medical Exam, and a Computer Number, the top aviation academy in India ought to provide you with unmatched assistance with all documentation procedures and other related matters.

DGCA Exam Syllabus For Pilot Training 

When it comes to preparing aspiring pilots with the theoretical knowledge needed for CPL tests, DGCA ground classes are essential. Numerous subjects are covered in these classes, such as navigation, meteorology, air laws, technical, RTR, and more. The Major subjects Revise with time.  It takes something 4 – 6 months to cover the entire syllabus and clear all the exams. Timely registering for DGCA exams and clearing them in the first attempt is the key to saving time. if you are searching for a CPL ground class I suggest that you join the Top Crew Aviation Institute, Top Crew Aviation offers a Pilot Training course, Air Hostess, Cabin Crew, Ground Staff Training, and DGCA exam syllabus.

Flying Training Requirements for DGCA Cpl

These days, flying clubs in India are unable to keep their promises! The majority of them pledge to finish 200 hours of flying instruction in a year. 

(Requirement for DGCA Recurring Flying Training: 40 hours of flying with a private pilot’s license 250 hours are required for a commercial pilot certificate in flying, and 1,500 hours are required for an airline transport pilot certificate.) however, it takes more than 18 to 24 months to finish the flying due to the non-availability of slots. 

It is always advised to choose a flying club that upholds the ratio of students to aircraft, has well-trained instructors, well-maintained aircraft, and readily available flying slots at a fair price. Since our South African flying club has met all standards, we advise our students to finish their flying there.

Flying Training for  Cpl License In India 

If you want to Get A CPL Follow DGCA’s instruction

200 hours of training for the CPL in flying.

Pilot in charge (PIC) for 250 nautical miles cross-country with a 100-hour check.

forty hours of instrument flying, with the option to spend 20 of those in a simulator.

50 hours of solo journeying around the nation.

Aim for 120 nautical miles.

15 hours with numerous engines.

After completing the required flying hours on single-engine and multi-engine, we are supposed to submit the documentation and go through the conversion process (While flying from abroad). The documentation process and conversion may take something 30 to 45 days to finish and get the CPL issued.

Completing Type Rating For Pilot Training 

After completing training and testing on a specific type of aircraft, aviation authorities award pilots with an aircraft certification known as a type rating.  The last process to be eligible to Become a commercial pilot in India is to complete the Type Rating process on Boeing 737, Airbus A320, or ATR airplanes. This process may take around 45 to 60 days to become a Type Rated Pilot in India.

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Best Pilot Training Institute – TCA 

As per the market study, we are one of the fastest-growing aviation academies in Jaipur Rajasthan securing our position in the best aviation training institutes in India. Our instructors have years of experience and are highly qualified pilots with years of training. We offer unlimited help and support to all the aspiring pilots who join us for a bright career in aviation.

Apart from DGCA ground classes, we offer Flying training in South Africa to get the CPL. we offer 200 hours of flying training on single-engine and multi-engine along with night flying and simulator training. The leading training institutes in India offer Multi-Engine Type Rating on Airbus A320, Boeing 737, and ATR aircraft after flying instruction.

Top Crew Aviation has leveled it up with ATPL ground classes to boost career aspects in aviation. Candidates from the Air Force or Navy can pursue their careers as pilots in commercial aviation with these upgraded courses. Our range of services doesn’t end here!

Students get assistance in Class 2 medical, Class 1 medical, DGCA Computer Number registration, DGCA exam registration, results, preparation for the Cadet Pilot Program, selection of other flying schools, applying for airline vacancies, preparation on written and mock assessments followed by the interview Panel preparation.

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that you possess You are good to apply for every airline position and be hired, as long as you follow the DGCA Instructions for the full process. This article on pilot course duration and fees in India has all the basic details and a step-by-step roadmap to complete the commercial pilot course in India. The CPL course duration should take around 15 to 18 months depending on your capabilities and selection of the best pilot training institute in India.

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