How to Get a Commercial Pilot License

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has approved commercial pilot license training in India. Top Crew Aviation offers the best coaching for theory classes and flight training. This training helps the student understand the principles of aviation and flying in depth. In this article, we discuss topics related to the pilot training course:

The Best Commercial Pilot License Training Institute in India

The Top Crew Aviation Academy ranks among the best commercial pilot training institutes in India, has produced pilots who fly today in many airlines. The academy provides an in-depth study of aviation principles in theory classes. The students then proceed to undergo rigorous practical training in their flight schools. This is possible because of high-quality instructors, who themselves are aviators. They achieve the post of instructor adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence and flying skills. The academy offers scholarships of up to INR 10 lakh to its students.

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Commercial Pilot Training Institute

The DGCA offers a commercial pilot license to candidates who clear theory papers and log a certain number of flight hours. The DGCA stipulates the theoretical and flight training norms. The candidate must complete 200 hours of flying as per norms, to be eligible for the commercial pilot license. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has laid out clear and strict norms for commercial pilot training. Commercial pilots fly aircraft in lieu of remuneration for commercial airlines, chartered flights, rescue missions, or even crop dusting.

Pilot Training Institute Course Duration

CPL training involves three steps of training, namely:

  1. CPL ground-class training
  2. Simulator training
  3. Flying Training

The CPL ground-class training on theoretical concepts takes around six to eight months to complete. Then the candidate needs to complete two hundred hours of flying. The DGCA prescribes the norms of flying to be eligible for the commercial pilot license. The candidate has to clear the DGCA exams for five papers and one WPC. He then needs to produce a log of 200 hours of flying. If the candidate fulfills the above two criteria, he gets the commercial pilot license from the DGCA.

Commercial Pilot Training Institute Course Eligibility

It is important for aspiring candidates to know the eligibility criteria for commercial pilot training. The eligibility criteria is as under:

  • The candidate has cleared his 12th exam from a recognized board or university. For the CPL training program, the DGCA authorities mandate that candidates have studied math and physics in the 12th grade.
  • The candidate must be at least 17 years old to join the pilot training course.
  • He or she should have successfully cleared all the tests of Class 2 medical.

Commercial Pilot Training Institute Course Subjects

Top Crew Aviation covers six commercial pilot exam subjects. The list of subject is provided as under:

  • Air Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Air Regulations
  • Radio Telephony
  • Technical General
  • Technical Specific

The Institute’s instructors cover the topics in detail. The candidate has full choice to study the subjects online or offline, as per his choice.

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Commercial Pilot License Course Fees in India

Commercial pilot training course expenses are a bit high since they entail actual flying and practice by seasoned instructors. The candidate attends his theory classes and gets practical flying experience. All his activities take place under the watchful eyes of experienced and seasoned instructors. The candidate must plan to spend around INR 65–70 lakh on commercial pilot license training.

Pilot Course Admission Process in India

The aspiring candidate wishing to obtain a commercial pilot license first needs to visit the Top Crew Aviation Academy. The staff will guide him for his suitability for the job. The counseling team then guides the candidate through the prerequisites for admission to the CPL course.

  • The candidate needs to have cleared senior higher secondary i.e., 12th grade, from a recognized board or university. Physics and math being compulsory or a 3-year engineering diploma will suffice.
  • The counselor guides the candidate for clearance of Class 2 medical, before taking admission.
  • Candidates aged 16 and above are given admission in the academy to start the commercial pilot ground class.

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A Student’s Guide for Securing Admission to the Best Pilot Training Academy in India.

Candidates planning to take admission to the best pilot training institute in India need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Candidates can visit the website of the Top Crew Aviation Academy ( for more details on pilot training courses. For more details on the admission process, the candidate can then contact Top Crew Aviation Academy at 7300042327.
  • For further queries and any doubt resolution, they may visit the institute at 70/05, Karma Patel Marg. (Beside Tea Connect) Sector 7, Mansarovar, Rajasthan. Pin 302020.

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