SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program Explained – Eligibility, Selection Process, Cost 2024

Top Crew Aviation (Pilot Training Institute ) brings the latest aviation Information for you It’s time for us to look at the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program, which is very popular as it is the only Cadet Pilot course in India to has a Scholarship, that aims to reduce the Training Fee up to Rs. 30 Lacs!!

 We have explained the IndiGo Cadet Pilot Program and Air India Cadet Pilot Program in great detail in our previous posts. We recommend you read those too to make the right decision in choosing the perfect Cadet Pilot Program for you.

SpiceJet has appointed Star Academy as its aviation Training academy. The academy provides training for the Spice Jet Cadet pilot Program to the students. SpiceJet Cadet Pilot can be a very attractive option for many future aviators as they provide their Cadets the option to get a BBA or MBA degree simultaneously.

Table of Contents : 

  1. Why You Should Consider the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program
  2. SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program Requirements : 
  3. SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program Explained
  4. Cadet Pilot Selection Procedure
  5. SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Training Breakdown
  6. SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program Course Fees
  7. Salaries of Pilot in India (UPDATED!!)
  8. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
  9. Links to Useful Websites

Why You Should Consider the Cadet Pilot Program:

Airlines in India launched Cadet Pilot Programs to train future aviators, offering a clear path to pilot careers with comprehensive training.

It is no secret that Cadet Pilot Programs like the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program will make the journey to becoming a Pilot a lot easier and stress-free, which will allow you to focus on learning, studying, and flying.

This is a huge advantage over the Conventional way of becoming a Pilot. You get access to the best flying training that is accessible along with direct supervision from the Airline to ensure that you have a worry-free and smooth training experience.

SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program Requirements : 

These are the basic requirements before joining the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program

  1. Citizenship: Indian National or Overseas Citizen of India (OCI).
  2. Age: Between 17 to 35 years old.
  3. Height: Minimum 158 cm (approximately 5ft 2in).
  4. Language: Fluent in English, both spoken and written.
  5. Education: Minimum Higher Secondary (10+2) with at least 60% in English, Physics, and Mathematics.
  6. Passport: A valid Indian passport is necessary.
  7. Medical: Must pass Class II Medical Tests as per DGCA guidelines

Apply for SpiceJet’s Cadet Pilot course! Pay a one-time processing fee and additional fees for tests conducted during the application process. Join now!

If you don’t pass the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program interview, there’s a Cooling Off period. Prepare well to avoid setbacks. If you have any doubts on how to clear the Interview and Tests conducted you can always Contact Us!

Spice Jet Cadet Pilot Program Explained:

SpiceJet stands as a well-renowned airline in India, known for its unique tradition of naming each Boeing 737 aircraft after a spice. “Indians cherish the famous slogan: ‘Red, Hot, Spicy’ in hearts.”

Just like the Airline the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot course offered is one of a kind, being the only Cadet Pilot Program that has a Scholarship in India. Launched in 2018 so far they have produced 150+ cadets.

The SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Training course gives you a Fastrack way into the cockpit of a Boeing 737 or Dash Q400

Cadet Pilot Selection Procedure:

To join the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program, pass four phases. complete one phase to advance to the next.

Phase One                        COMPASS Test
Test TypeComputerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System
DescriptionMultiple-choice questions. Results announced soon after the test.
Skills TestedShort-term memory, Mental arithmetic, Spatial Orientation, Multi-tasking
Duration90 Minutes
Phase Two              CCT (Complex Control Task)
Test TypeHands-on task using joystick and rudder pedal set connected to a computer
DescriptionRequired for applicants passing Phase 1. 
Skills TestedEye-Hand-Foot Coordination, Aptitude for flying an aircraft
Duration10 Minutes
Phase three                      Psychometric Test
Test TypePsychological assessment
DescriptionEvaluates personality and psychological suitability for the role of an airline pilot
Skills TestedN/A
Duration60 Minutes
Phase Four                          Personal Interview
Test TypeFace-to-face interview
DescriptionAssesses verbal communication skills and suitability for the role of an airline pilot
Skills TestedVerbal communication skills, Personality
Duration10 Minutes

SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Training Breakdown

Phase                            DescriptionDuration
1Ground School2 Months
Flying Training9 Months
Conversion of FAA-approved CPL to DGCA-approved CPL license7 Months
2SpiceJet – Airline Pilot Induction Training5 Months
3Type Rating7 Months

In SpiceJet’s Cadet Pilot Program, flying training happens in the USA with a partnered FTO. It lasts 30 months. “Let’s see how it’s divided among different parts or people.”

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SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program Fees:

SpiceJet provides scholarships for aspiring pilots: Category 1 offers a Rs 30 Lac fee concession, while Category 2 provides a Rs 15 Lac fee concession for Cadet Pilots. Let us look at the criteria for the Scholarship carefully-

Category                  Eligibility      Scholarship Offered
Category 1If you scored 96% or higher in Physics, Maths & English in your 10+2 exams or ranked between 1 to 1500 in JEEYou will receive a scholarship of Rs 15 Lac. Only 6 of these Scholarships are awarded each year
Category 2If your scores are between 92% and 96% in Physics, Maths & English in 10+2 or your JEE rank is between 1500 to 3000You will receive a scholarship of Rs 15 Lac. Only 6 of these Scholarships are awardedEach year

SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program offers scholarships based on limited availability and individual merit for aspiring pilots. SpiceJet also offers a Degree Program along with a Cadet Pilot Program which allows you to do a BBA/MBA along with your Flight Training.

Please keep in mind

In the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program, scholarships are available based on limited availability and merit.

Salaries of an Airline Pilot:

The SpiceJet Cadet Pilot course trains you to become a First Officer on planes like Boeing 737-800/Max 8 or Dash Q400. After completing the course, you join the airline as a First Officer. You can expect these salaries!

Salaries of Indian Pilots in 2024 are –

  1. Junior First Officer – Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,50,000
  2. First Officer – Rs 2,35,000 to Rs 2,75,000
  3. Senior First Officer – Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 4,50,000
  4. Captain – Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 6,50,000
  5. Senior Captain – Rs 6,50,000 to 8L+
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) :

Question: What is a Cadet Pilot Program?

Answer: A cadet pilot program is a specialized training program designed to train individuals with zero experience to become professional airline pilots.

Question: What are the basic requirements before starting an aviation career?

Answer: You should have obtained at least 51% aggregate in PCM in your 12th-grade exams, you must be at least 17 years old. Lastly, having passion and determination is crucial as pursuing an aviation career is both challenging and demanding.

Question: What are the kinds of tests I need to pass to get into the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program?

Answer: Applicants interested in the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot course need to pass tests that assess their Understanding Ability, Ability to Act Under Stress, cognitive abilities, and aptitude for flying. Typically, this test is taken online. You may need to speak with them in person as well.

Question: What are the Scholarships in the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program?

Answer:  In the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program there are 2 Scholarship categories, Category 1 gives you a Rs. 30Lac concession and Category 2 gives you a Rs. 15 Lac concession. 

Question: How do I prepare for SpiceJet Pilot Programs before joining?

Answer: SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Courses offered in Top Crew Aviation. FTO decides that according to your Requirement. If you need more information, You can always Contact Us!

Question: Will Clearing the DGCA Exam before joining give me any advantage?

Answer: Yes! Clearing them prior will mean you will not have to wait in between your training to clear your exams. We recommend joining a reputed Ground Class  like TCA to help you with your DGCA Exams

Question: What are the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Course Fees?

Answer: In 2024 the minimum fee you can expect to pay is  Rs. 70 Lac in the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program if you can get the Scholarships! 

Question: What is a Letter of Intent(LOI)?

Answer: Spicejet gives a special letter called the letter of intent when a candidate joins the cadet pilot program. This letter is like a promise from SpiceJet Airlines saying that if the person finishes the program successfully, they can join the airline as a pilot.

Question: What are the salaries of airline pilots in India after completing the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program?

Answer: Junior First Officers can e­arn a monthly salary ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 lakhs. Senior captains can potentially rece­ive up to Rs 8 lakhs in their monthly pay.

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